Event design for Raiffeisenbank

Digital scribing 360

Future trends on Raiffeisenbank event
We have created a digital scribing style design. The theme of the event was the future, therefore, created only digital solutions and abandoned paper.

Logo redesign
The old sign did not look good in the Trends and Future concept.
Updated logo in accordance with current graphic trends.
Digital Space Design
Vibrant animation replaces old-fashioned scenery
The screensaver was broadcast on a large plasma display in the coffee zone
The program of the event was displayed on the screens
Visual notes on the screen
At the event, we abandoned the foam board, digital scribing was displayed on the screens next to the speakers. Participants could see the result immediately on Twitter
We are calling the scriber.biz team for this event for the third time, the event has really become bright and memorable. The whole style, visual support for the speakers, everything looked very modern. Professionals, an excellent team and good friends;)
Natalya Serduchenko
Organizer "R-Evolution Day" / RED, Idea Management Team Raiffeisenbank