Examples of digital scribing

Digital scribing

Clients are increasingly ordering digital scribing, here we give examples and answer the hottest questions
Digital scribing FAQ
We get a lot of questions
Is it worth ordering digital scribing and how it works.
This video shows the synchronicity of digital scribing and speaker speech
How it works?
Scriber captures the main points with our own software.
This image is broadcast on screen or on plasma. The effect of involving the viewer occurs when he simultaneously sees the visualization and hears the speaker's speech. As a result, we get the so-called ONE PAGE, a visual summary on one sheet. The picture is immediately transmitted in two formats for printing - PDF, for the web - JPEG.
Are people distracted by scribing from the speaker?
In our experience, no, especially if the presentation consists of graphs and the viewer needs to give a outcome in a visual metaphor. In plenary discussions, scribing helps, because you need to look at something other than talking heads.
Why is our application better than open source software?
We solved the problems with our application.
Viewer do not have to see the backstage, all toolboxes should be hidden and should not distract attention from the main screen. To close this gap, we developed two special screens in software, one for the viewer, the other for the scriber. Another significant disadvantage of all drawing apps is the lack of drag and drop elements on the field. Yes, this is possible in Adobe, but this interface is not fit for presentation. We also observed that manually writing fonts on the tablet does not synchronize with the speaker's speech, this happens slowly, which causes the lag and, as a result, the viewer is irritated. Therefore, we created the author's library of manual fonts. In our application all these bugs have been fixed.
What technical equipment is required on the venue?
● Connection to your monitors and screens via HDMI directly and through the control desk.
● Uninterrupted Internet access for 2 devices (laptops)
Can you correct the images after the event?
Yes, within one week after we can correct errors, missing elements.
How do you listen and draw at the same time?
This requires training and, of course, we are always preparing for the event. At least we have an idea of the theme of the event and speeches. The application makes it possible to draw any image suitable on a relevant topic.
Where can I download your application?
While we can not put the software in the public domain. In order for each person to use this software, it is necessary to modify usability, now it is more like a prototype / MVP
Thank you, there was definitely a WOW effect from digital scribing :) There was a positive reaction from the leadership to the idea of inviting scribers, thank you for the cool implementation and digitalization of the process, it's cool that it's not on paper!
Tatyana Titova
manager, training and development department PwC Russia.